CyberLock is an innovative lock system that easily converts existing mechanical locks into fully functional access control systems.

  • The intelligent CyberLock cylinder replaces most standard mechanical cylinders
  • The CyberLock cylinder is virtually pick-proof
  • The electronic CyberKey™ cannot be duplicated
  • Installations are completed in minutes
  • Re-keying is eliminated
  • Access can be restricted to specific times and days
  • CyberKeys can be assigned a start date and an expiration date
  • An audit report is stored in both the CyberLock cylinder and the CyberKey
  • The CyberLock system is designed for indoor and outdoor use in doorways, cabinets, drawers, and padlocks

Each time the key holder opens CyberLock, a record of the user ID, date, and time is stored in both the the key and the cylinder. This access information can be read out later and stored on your computer, providing a comprehensive audit trail. If a user loses a key, the key ID can be added to a list of blocked IDs that is stored in each cylinder.

The CyberLock system consists of two components: the pick proof CyberLock cylinder and its companion CyberKey ™. The CyberLock electronic cylinder replaces most mechanical cylinders on

  • Knob & Lever Locksets
  • Mortise locks, Rim Locks
  • Padlocks, (virtually any size! )
  • Cabinet Locks, Desk Locks
  • Panic Devices
  • Medical / Narcotic Cabinets
  • Equipment Closets
  • High Value Merchandise Showcases
  • Classified Areas
  • Tractor Trailer Locks

The intelligence and power are in the CyberKey. Each key contains a unique ID that identifies the user. Access times for each day of the week can be individually scheduled and holidays or other exceptions can be blocked out. You can even set a delay before the key begins operating, or set a time for the key to expire.

CyberLock allows you to quickly and easily convert existing mechanical locks into an intelligent access tracking system

Normally, no modification of the lock or doorway is required when installing the system. The CyberLock cylinder contains no battery, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, even in the harshest environments.


CyberLock for Doorways . . . The Videx CyberLock cylinder is an electronic version of standard mechanical lock cylinders. Installation at the lock is as simple as removing the existing cylinder and replacing it with the intelligent CyberLock; most installations take less than 10 minutes. CyberLock can be installed in knob sets, lever locks, mortise locks, and rim locks. Once installed, CyberLock functions as a complete stand-alone system that requires no external power or battery. And, the CyberLock cylinder is virtually pick-proof. Because the key provides the battery power to open the lock, installation in doorways–indoors and outdoors–is fast and easy. CyberLocks for doorway applications include the 6-pin cylinder, small format IC cylinder, mortise lock, and rim lock.


. . . And Cabinets, Drawers, and Vending Machines The complete line of cylinders gives you the ability to control access to much more than just doorways. The CyberLock cam lock installs in cabinets and drawers, the 6-pin and IC cylinders install in padlocks and cabinet locks, and the T-handle cylinder installs in vending machines. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the durable CyberLock tracks and controls access to outside entrances, computer rooms, padlocked gates, cash drawers, jewelry cases, freight trucks, and vending cash collection routes.

The CyberKey 1-877-929-2370The intelligent CyberKey powers the system. CyberKey contains both the battery power to operate the CyberLock cylinder and the specific access privileges for the key holder. For example, a key holder may have access to a lock between 7:45 AM and 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday, and no access on weekends and holidays. The key can also be assigned an authorization time period, so that it can be issued before authorization begins, and will automatically expire at a set time. Each key has a unique ID number that identifies the user, for a high degree of key security.

Dual Audit Report A log of each access event–user ID, date, and time–is stored in both the lock cylinder and the user key, providing a comprehensive history of every use. The CyberLock cylinder stores the most recent 1100 access events, and the CyberKey stores the most recent 1150 access events.

High-Security Features For high-security installations, the system provides additional levels of security. A list of blocked keys can be stored in the cylinder for when a key is lost or stolen–no more re-keying! A multiple-custody feature requires the use of two, three, or four authorized keys before the CyberLock will open. A delay feature sets a time delay between the time an authorized key is presented to the lock and when the lock opens. A key authorization time period feature assigns a date for the key to begin operation, and a time for the key to expire.

CyberAudit™ Software–Easy! CyberAudit software for the PC is your tool for easily creating your access control system. In the software, you assign authorized users and set the times and days of authorized access. You can also block out holidays and enter information about the people who are issued keys. Keys are then programmed at the computer and distributed to the users.


Applications Since the CyberLock cylinder replaces Schlage-type 6-pin cylinders, and is durable enough for outdoor use, your applications are not limited to just doorway access; you can also install CyberLock in cabinets, padlocks, and drawers. A single CyberKey can be used for access to outside entrances, computer rooms, file cabinets, padlocked gates, cash drawers–even the roll-up doors on freight trucks.

Sample Audit Trail Data File